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NFTs Collection

NFTs curated for the 2022 CADAF digital art show in NYC.
Winner of the NYFA NFT Award 2022.

Three NFTs were selected for the 2022 CADAF exhibition in NYC, shown on large screen displays.

The Offering won the New York Foundation for the Arts 2022 NFT award. This award included a cash award, exhibition in a ChasShaMa strorefront in NYC, and a virtual exhibition in the Voxels metaverse.

This NFT collection of nine works now resides on OpenSea. The collections incorporates AI. For each image, a photo of NYC urban markings is combined through AI with a digital drawing that expresses the style of the work through a color palette and graphic, abstract style. The images use electric color to visualize positivity. 

If you've never purchased an NFT or would like to learn more, please email to schedule a chat. 

Saatchi’s The Other Art Fair features 130 curated artists. Showcasing 12 works output to aluminum, a special plasticized paper, and acrylic. The fair runs from Nov. 4-7. Over 10,000 visitors are expected. Open to the public with a ticket purchased from:

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