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Featured Series: Decode

After experimenting with various commercial Generative AI tools for nearly two years, I found myself yearning for a more sophisticated output for abstraction, distinct from the realism typically associated with Generative AI. In response, I embarked on a journey to train Midjourney, a Generative AI platform, in the art of creating abstract imagery. Over the course of nearly 50 iterations, I effectively guided Midjourney to deconstruct English letterforms back into an elemental pictorial essence. The resulting image is a grid of approximately 36 square images, with roughly one created each day. Each square within the grid is a unique, standalone image as well as part of the whole.

Each piece in the "Decode" series originates from the output of Midjourney's letter deconstruction process. Utilizing the resulting sketches as a foundation, I embarked on a creative process that involved conceptualizing and refining each image. Sometimes, the direction was clear, prompting me to seamlessly transition to a Adobe Fresco digital drawing to translate the sketch into a vector format. In other instances, I reimagined the image to align with the thematic elements of the series, particularly when focus was lacking.

Embracing a minimalist aesthetic characterized by simple geometric shapes and vibrant hues, each artwork within the series "Decode" conveys a narrative within its minimalist framework. While the forms themselves may appear familiar, the interplay of shapes and colors imbues them with metaphorical significance, hinting at nuanced stories. Drawing inspiration from the spirited play ethos of Mail Art and the boldness of Pop Art, these visual compositions introduce an element of surprise through unexpected juxtapositions.

Operating on multiple levels, these images captivate viewers with their vivid colors and approachable forms while simultaneously inviting them to delve deeper into the narrative woven through their composition. Rooted in the psychology of perception, abstract art has a unique ability to convey emotions and ideas through diverse interpretations. By encouraging creative engagement and imaginative exploration, my art endeavors to resonate with a broad audience, fostering a deeper connection and sparking contemplative thought.

Integral to each artwork is its accompanying title, which serves as a poetic extension of the piece itself. While these titles incorporate elements of wordplay, drawing from colloquialisms, popular culture, and specialized terminology, they are intended to complement rather than dictate the viewer's interpretation of the artwork.

Looking ahead, I'll be animating these two-dimensional works, leveraging the rich vocabulary established within the series to expand the realm of artistic expression. I envision this series as transmutable across various mediums, potentially encompassing Augmented Reality, 3D printed sculpture, interactive games, and a Generative AI application in the future.



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