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Featured Series

Embracing minimalistic forms with simple geometric shapes and bold colors, this series distinguishes itself by presenting a narrative within its Minimalist foundation. While the forms are commonplace, the shapes and colors act as metaphors, suggesting nuanced stories. The visual dynamics introduce an element of surprise through unexpected placements and combinations, drawing inspiration from the playful essence of Mail Art and the boldness of Pop Art.


My exploration aligns with research on the psychology of perception, revealing that abstract art effectively conveys emotions and ideas through multiple interpretations. By fostering creative interpretation, my art aims to be more accessible and relatable to a broader audience, sparking imaginative thinking.

Next, animations and AR will be introduced using this vocabulary to expand the boundaries of the experience. 

Decode 001 01

Decode 001 01.jpg

Decode 001 02

Decode 001 02.jpg

Decode 001 03

Decode 001 03.jpg

Decode 001 04

Decode 001 04.jpg

Decode 001 05

Decode 001 05.jpg

Decode 001 06

Decode 001 06.jpg

Decode 001 07

Decode 001 07.jpg

Decode 001 08

Decode 001 08.jpg

Decode 001 09

Decode 001 09.jpg

Decode 001 10

Decode 001 010.jpg
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